• Tech x Orbit Meetup #0010: The Why and How of GitOps

    Tech x Orbit Meetup #0010: The Why and How of GitOps

    Another week, another meetup! Joblift came to visit and talked about the Why and How of GitOps. Their platform includes over 100 microservices and comes with hugely interesting challenges! Read more

  • Tech x Orbit Meetup #0001: Cloud Run with Doreen Sacker

    Tech x Orbit Meetup #0001: Cloud Run with Doreen Sacker

    Our first own Tech Meetup at Orbit is dedicated to 🥁 CLOUD 🥁 We have invited an exciting speaker for you: Doreen Sacker, Senior Data Scientist at Opinary! She talked about how they increased the performance of their recommendations enormously by moving to Cloud Run. Background Opinary places surveys in online articles and needs toContinue… Read more

  • AI; Hyped and dreaded

    Is GPT-4 intelligent? According to Sebastien Bubeck the answer highly depends on your definition of intelligence. Just watched his talk where he shows if GPT-4 is intelligent according to his definition. Especially the comparison to ChatGPTs answers blew my mind in terms of what progress there was in a relatively short amount of time, plus the ability toContinue… Read more

  • No-brainers to spice-up your communication

    No-brainers to spice-up your communication

    The way you communicate is key to convey your thoughts and be heard. By applying these tips you can improve your communication in (almost) no time. Curious? Read more

  • What kind of a developer are you?

    Thinking about next steps in your career is made easier if you know what type of software craftsmen or craftswomen you are. This is nothing set in stone, more an idea drawn with window colours, that can be adapted over time. I also like figuring this out when talking to job interviewees. The time isContinue… Read more

  • My Daily Git

    The git history is a key for reconstructing the evolution of your code. Treating it with caution saves time. This is my cheat sheet for keeping it clean. Read more

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