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What kind of a developer are you?

Thinking about next steps in your career is made easier if you know what type of software craftsmen or craftswomen you are. This is nothing set in stone, more an idea drawn with window colours, that can be adapted over time. I also like figuring this out when talking to job interviewees. The time is…

My Daily Git

The git history is a key for reconstructing the evolution of your code. Treating it with caution saves time. This is my cheat sheet for keeping it clean.

Mentor Successfully

Being a Mentee is a wonderful experience if your Mentor is actively listening to what you say, shares personal experience and provides honest feedback. Someone, who doesn’t tell you what to do, but helps you find the path yourself. Lots can go wrong in such a relationship. Achieving the overall goal of making the mentee…

Foo Bar

One thing I stumbled upon in my first job as a working student was the term foo bar. My mentor back then told me it was a fantasy word used as input value without meaning. Just recently I found out that wasn’t true. In fact the usage he talked about was correct. But foo bar…

Reasonable Refactorings

It was tough to be told “Don’t refactor just to refactor” since I love clean, maintainable, and high-quality code. By now, I found ways to make space for refactorings in my day-to-day work. So, what are the cues to refactor code regularly, but in a reasonable way?

10 Tipps für erfolgreiche Gehaltsverhandlungen

Wer stand noch nicht vor der Herausforderung, Gehaltsforderungen fundiert zu äußern? Ich persönlich fühle mich dabei immer unwohl. Vom Warten allein wird aber nichts passieren. Hier sind 10 Tipps, die Erfolg versprechen.

Women Developer Academy – Graduated!

Vier Wochen gingen rum wie im Flug. Es waren lange Tage, aber es hat sich gelohnt. Wie die Live Speaking Practice lief und was mein Fazit zu dem Programm ist? Das liest du weiter unten! 👇🏻 Shortcuts👇🏻: Live Speaking PracticeGraduationFuture Me – Brief an mich selbst Du hast den Anfang verpasst? Hier geht’s los: 👉🏽…

Women Developer Academy – Woche 3

Die Wochen des Inputs sind vorbei. Nächste Woche gilt es das Gelernte in einer Live Speaking Practice unter Beweis zu stellen. Hier sind die Take Aways aus Woche drei.


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