Accidental pun of words with git commands

I love pun of words. Especially the bad ones. In my day to day life I use git as version control and find myself laughing at some of my typos. I started collecting the ones that made me giggle. By chance it is your taste of humor. Enjoy 🤓

In case you reaaaaally need your code to work:

🙏🏻 [2021-11-09] > git commit --amen               // git commit --amend

Suitable for when you did the mightiest code change of ‘em all:

👸🏻 [2021-12-13] > god push --force                  // git push --force

This is my favourite one and kind of made me publish this post:

🤮 [2022-01-27] > git vommit                              // git commit

It took a while, but here is another one:

😭 [2022-06-21] > git sad                              // git add

Aaaaand it happened again.. only working on hot stuff.

🔥 [2022-09-12] > hot push -u                         // git push

First pun in 2023 🥁🥁🥁

👌🏻 [2023-02-10] > git logo                            // git log

Some addition needed to follow why my head found that a nice pun: Add some proper emphasis and punctuation (git? logo!), plus a bit of german knowledge: “Na logo!” is a phrase expressing your commitment about something, similar to “Oh well!”, “Fair enough” or “So what”. With the difference that “Na logo!” is positively framed, showing approval and sometimes shouted with thrill of ecstasy. Or is there a better choice for version control?! Doubt it. 😏

There is more to come. Promise. 🤞🏻

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